GLOBAL CONSULTING GROUP Skopje is a company that is offering consulting services in the fields of finance, accounting and law .

The company’s employees and its external experts are experts in their fields and thanks to their expertise and efficient work, the company counts a number of satisfied customers.

Our mission is to monitor the legal changes and give timely and prompt information to our clients about the changes that have occurred and their impact on their daily work.

We offer professional approach, efficiency, effectiveness, promptness and we take complete care for the proper and legal work of our clients.


Some facts

The frequent changes in the legislation, the obligations that companies should pursue towards the state administration, the care of employees, the maintenance of mandatory accounting records and financial records and analyzes preoccupy the working day of today’s entrepreneur.

The job of the entrepreneur is the development of the company and increased profit. Trust all administrative, legal, accounting and financial services to professionals. Your only concern should be just making profits and the growth and development of the company.


Our Team

Our team of proffesional Finance consultants, Law experts and Certified accountants will give you the best experience and will advice you about chosing the best type of company and best Tax model so you can make bigger profits and pay less taxes.

Behind our team stand a large number of established companies that, thanks to our advice, successfully work and tackle the everyday challenges. Get advice from our experts about the obligations of the newly established company to the state, taxes and tax benefits, legal company placement, human resources (hiring employees, protecting company rights in employee contracts) and other advice, in depending on your company type and your business idea.

Set up a new company in Macedonia with our help

So simple way to set up your company in 2 steps:

  • fill out the form in just 5 minutes

  • come to our offices to sign the company founding documents, which are in the meantime prepared on the basis of the completed e-form data.