New company in North Macedonia in just one day. Fill the form for founding new company or contact us by phone/viber/watsap or e-mail

New company in Macedonia in just one day

If you have a business idea, a plan to start your own business, take the first step. Register a new company in Macedonia in an easy way and at the same time very professional with our tool.

Our team consists of professional legal experts, accountants and auditors with proven experience. We will help you in choosing the type of company appropriate to the type, scope and activity of your future business.

So simple way of setting up your new company in 2 steps:

Fill in the e-form in addition in just 5 minutes.

come to our offices to sign the company’s founding documents, which are in the meantime prepared on the basis of the completed data in the e-form.

A lot of foreign comapanies chose Global Consulting Group as a partner for founding their branches/ companies in Macedonia.

International companies like Baumit from Austria, SZU GmbH, Lutex, SolvVision from Germany, NCAB GROUP from Sweden, Allocate Software from Great Britain, MCash from Bulgaria, FlexCredit,  BCC Group from Azerbaijan, Falko, Printec Tehnology from Greece, Info Kod, Biosistemi from Croatia, KK Macedonia from Bulgaria, Prio Startup from Sweden, Cagatay Kablo, MakEntWin, Istanbul Group from Turkey.

Also, a lot of homebased companies work with us: Gorska water, Soleta, Heta Lizing, Izvor, Icora,  Sanik, Maktrend, Тонус Леб , Ред Шпед,  Anti Stress Room, MBD Group  and many other companies.


Fill in the registration form in 5 minutes

New company in North Macedonia in just one day. Fill the form for founding new company or contact us by phone/viber/watsap or e-mail

Fill in the form in addition and our employe will contact you as soon as possible.
Choose a company type. If you have not yet decided about the type of company. Leave this field blank and let us help you in choosing the kind of company based on your business plan.
Enter the street number, Municipality / City
Enter the name and surname of the founders / owners of the company
Choose whether you want to enter the company’s founding capital in cash or in objects that will be assessed by an authorized appraiser. Minimum founding capital for (LLC, Ltd is 5,000 Euros), (SP – no founding capital) …
Choose whether you want to enter the equity capital with the registration or within one year of registration
Choose a type of business activity for the new company
This e-mail will be registered in the Central Register and will be an e-mail that will be used for access to the Public Revenue Office and other state bodies
Registration up to 3 employees within the company’s founding. For a larger number of employees, in agreement with the client.
If you wish, we can order Stamps for the Company and deliver them with the newly established company Registration Certificate