Notification of the central register in connection with putting use of the register of true owners

We convey to you in full the notification of the Central Registry:
The Register is being established as a product of the intensive cooperation between the Central Registry and the Financial Intelligence Unit, supported by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) Global Anti-Money Laundering Program. The purpose of introducing the register is to increase transparency in the ownership structure of legal entities in the country and to meet international and EU standards for combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

The subject of entry in the register are the real (final owners) of the subjects of registration.
“Real owner” means any natural person (persons) who is the ultimate owner of the entity or controls the entity and / or natural person (persons) in whose name and on whose behalf a transaction is performed. The term also includes a natural person (persons) who exercises final and effective control over a legal entity or foreign legal arrangement.

The authorized persons of the legal entities are responsible for the accuracy, adequacy and up-to-dateness of the data entered in the Register, and the registration is done only electronically, through the Internet, whereby the applicants are identified and the applications are signed electronically. Authorized persons may conduct the registration independently or authorize another person to file an application on their behalf.

The Register shall enter data for all existing entities initially, as well as for any changes in the ownership structure of the entities. All entries that will be made within the legal deadlines are made free of charge (8 days from the day of the establishment of the entity and 8 days from the day of the change of the real owner), whereby such an opportunity will be provided for all existing entities within three months from the moment of the establishment of the Register.

For more detailed information about the registration and change of the real owners, obligated entities, deadlines, way of using the system, procedure, etc. you can also read the FAQ Document at the following link or contact the following customer support phones +389 2 3288 602, send an e-mail to the following contact address [email protected] or visit the official website of the Central Registry…/upis-na-vistinski-sopstvenik-na…